Starting a baseball blog

I started a baseball blog so I could share my opinions and ideas about the game. Having a vehicle to voice your concerns is very important to me. Baseball has been a part of my whole life, not just some of it. It literally became my life even before my life had begun.


My dad who was born in New Castle, Delaware, a very small but historical place near Battery Park and the Delaware River that George Washington crossed. He grew up playing all sports but it was football and baseball that I had heard the most legendary stories. One person told me a story about trying to tackle him but only ended up bouncing off his great thunder thighs and eventually being run over. But the baseball stories were far better. A few stories were that my dad hit 500ft. HR’s and ran like the wind. But these stories continued as my dad played in the minor leagues. originally was selected by the New York (San Francisco) Giants and eventually bought by the Baltimore Orioles. He won batting titles and made great plays in the field all the while smiling. The Major Leagues were his next stop and began with the 1967 Baltimore Orioles. Positioned behind great players like Frank Robinson, Paul Blair and featured numerous other great players. Fast forward I was eventually born during one of my dad’s stints back to AAA. So, that’s why I say, I have been involved with baseball even before I was born. My dad enjoyed a good career and I was fortunate enough to see him play.  One of my greatest moments was that my dad was able to see me play as well.


So, as I moved forward I decided to write more and more. I offer some insight on baseball and I have opinions.  I am not a great writer by any means but I believe I can get my point across.

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  1. I have had the privilege of playing with and against Derrick. The one thing I learned from him was how to be a selfless observer of the game. He would give you that grin and always seemed to ask that right question that made me feel good about the things I was doing but presented it in a way that left me asking questions on could it be better? This type of dialogue was as much for him to become better but presented in a way that he cared about my growth more than his own! Great conversations on slowing or how to slow the game down and simplify! Derrick makes guys around him better and I look forward to going to battle with you again down the road! Amazing baseball man! Hope my son, Duke, has opportunity to be around you at some point in his continued development!


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