“How the game is played today” By Derrick May

“How the game is played today”

By Derrick May

“You play to win the game!”

I always go back to Herm Edwards when talking about baseball and offense. It is that simple. We play to win. Score more runs then the other team.

I also look back when I played and people said the same thing about how the game has changed. I never try to compare era’s or players of a certain era because it isn’t fair. Things change and people change.

Baseball is a great sport that is passed down generationally. So, I can see why it is compared. But being a realistic person, I understand that how we think and era’s are different. That’s the beauty of it.

I was reading some articles about how the game is played today vs. how the game used to be played. Yes, home runs are up but so are strikeouts.

I have no doubt that the game has changed. However, I think it’s more of how things are viewed and what is prioritized.

Today, we have more information and better technology so we have a more insightful view of the game.

Now, to my main topic. I read a post about a very good former Major League Player (one of my favorites) who gave his opinion on how the game is played today and was blasted from a coach who was pitching his book on hitting over the internet. It was about launch angle and OPS.

If you speak to most today they will talk about launch angle in order to improve OPS. Line drives and fly balls result in more runs created then ground balls do. I get it. But that shouldn’t be the only focus. I can talk about that in another article.

Focusing on elevation isn’t the case for everyone. Launch angle and exit velocity will determine the distance the ball will travel. If the launch angle is good but the exit velocity isn’t then this will just be a soft liner or a fly out.

Everyone wants power but not everyone has it. So, we should be mindful of who is trying to do this.

For instance, a player with plus speed and low exit velocity. Launch angle wouldn’t benefit this player because he would be hitting a lot of fly balls that are outs. So, plus runners who lack power shouldn’t be encouraged to worry about this.

On the other hand, a slow runner with good exit velocity should be encouraged.

Like I said, everyone wants power but not everyone has it. So, I go back to….What is the ultimate goal in a baseball game?

To win. By getting on base and scoring more runs then the other team.

So does focusing on launch angle correspond to better production?

That’s the question that has to be asked? I think that launch angle can help certain individuals increase OPS but does it increase their productivity? As written here in



Getting on base and scoring more runs then the other team is the offensive goal of winning baseball games. The more baserunners that reach base, the more chances you have at scoring runs.

A good offense and team understands that one person cannot carry a whole team. Each player does his part. Each player trusts his teammate behind him and his teammate in front of him to get on base or make a play. On offense, one gets on for the other. Ultimately, leading to more run scoring opportunities.

When there is a understanding of this, there really shouldn’t be a difference in how the game is played or viewed in any era.

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