Hitting Drills for a more consistent swing by Derrick May

A couple of drills that help with keeping your swing short to the ball.

The inverted top hand drill-

This drill is used for getting through the ball and maintaining barrel accuracy. The bottom hand leading down to ball and the top hand maintains the barrel while throwing it to the ball and finishing through it. This drill can be used with tee or soft toss.

Cano drill, Griffey drill or Net drill-

This drill is for proper path to ball keeping hands inside ball and keeping pitches inside fair down lines or driving them into the gap. This drill is ideally used on the field with soft toss, tossing ball in on the hitter. Give a firm throw. The hitter will have to make the adjustments. He should not hit the net. If he hits the net, his hands are getting away from him and therefore around the ball. Key here is a quiet front side loading back and down with the front shoulder and firing the backside.(back knee and back hip to the ball not spinning)

So, here are a few drills that help with keeping a more efficient swing that produces more contact, a quicker bat and the ability to drive the ball consistently. One important part of doing these drills and that is what they are. That part is posture. Good posture will help with swing efficiency.

***Drills are meant to isolate a certain area, sometimes by over-exaggerating what really happens for feel.***

Good luck.


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