Hitting Drills by Derrick May part II

The Bounce drill-

This drill is used for pitch recognition by getting into a strong hitting position early (**getting back and loaded). Good drill for strike zone management as well.

** getting back is getting back to a strong back leg, feeling the pressure to the back hip, inner back leg and instep of the back foot (60/40). You must get back to see and hit good pitches or your pitch**

**Loaded is getting the hands back (Looks as though the knob of the bat is pointing towards catcher’s face mask) by loading the back elbow back and the scap of the back shoulder (Think throwing motion)**

Here is a good example:

So, if you want to improve your strike zone judgement, pitch recognition and overall approach. This is a great drill for that. Try it. And let me know how it goes.

Good Luck.


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