Hitting Drills by Derrick May part III

Hands separated-

This drill is used to maintain proper posture with the back shoulder and back arm(**elbow) extension. The back shoulder will get below the front shoulder because of back arm extension not forcing it down.

***The back and front elbow are very important to maintaining posture and upper half rotation. Each play a key part in executing an efficient swing and great posture (Think figure skater spinning. The further the arms are away from the body the slower the rotation. The closer the arms get to the body the faster the rotation).

So, back to the back elbow. There is this misconception that you fire your back elbow or get it in the “slot”. This can be catastrophic to your swing. It is true your back elbow will get into its slot but it isn’t forced there. It is done by rotating your upper half (torso). The elbows maintain the same distance apart as they rotate along and around your waistband.

For hitters who collapse on their

backside or chicken wing (lead arm flying up and away from ball) this usually means they are collapsing the back leg or forcing the back elbow into its slot. This (forced back elbow) is seen when hitters carve out the ball on a inside pitch. Not staying inside of the ball but inside out.

Some very good hitters can manipulate the barrel when they need to or it is just their approach (Think Julio Franco, Mike Trout or Derek Jeter) If that is the most efficient way for a hitter to hit and he makes consistently hard contact…great!

There isn’t one way to hit but it’s about being in a strong position to drive the hands and barrel to and through the ball while making consistently hard contact.

Like this guy.

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