Baseball Swings- David Ortiz

Baseball swings featuring David Ortiz

Weight Transfer- lower half

David Ortiz was highly regarded as a great power hitter but he was also a great all around hitter as well. Of course this is my opinion.

A baseball swing is a thing of beauty when the technique is executed properly.

My focus here is David Ortiz gathering his weight and transfer. To some the technique of gathering is viewed as too much head movement. However, the movement (getting back) is done before the ball is on its way and the transfer of weight (stride) happens when the ball is released.

60/40 or the whole dollar. This percentage or position is necessary to be a strong hitter. I was told by some good hitting coaches and hitters that your lower half will dictate what type of hitter you will be (strong or weak).

Back to David Ortiz…kind of looks like a pitcher getting ready to deliver a pitch right? In this way hitters/pitchers are similar with their lower half. Pitchers must get back to their backside (instep of foot to inside back leg and back hip) to have any type of velocity and direction on the baseball. Same position in hitting. A hitter must get back or already start back (60/40) to be able to wait and drive the baseball. Tomorrow- How and why we hit against the front leg. #swing #baseball

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