Baseball Swings- Mookie Betts

Baseball Swings

Mookie Betts

Today I am talking about how a hitter lands and stays behind the front leg.

Mookie Betts is one of my favorite hitters to watch and who optimizes both loads very well. I will talk about the two loads a hitter has and why they are important another day.

As Mookie transfers his weight, his frontside is coiled (knee, hip, elbow and front shoulder) slightly downward with his head staying with his belly button, this helps the lead foot and leg get down with the stride. Not *stalling out on the back leg.

The Coil action allows for forward momentum and weight transfer towards the pitcher. This is positive energy to drive the ball to all fields. Picture Ken Griffey Jr. coil. This is something that all good hitters understand.

Toe touch. As a hitter lands with his lead foot and leg, his toe will touch slightly before the heel and the front knee is slightly bent. Not stiff. Why? Toe to heel technique works as a shock absorber to the frontside to keep the head still, picture an outfielder running after a flyball they run on the balls of their feet to stop their head from bouncing. The same works here. The front knee slightly bent helps to maintain the frontside(knee, hips and shoulders) during landing. As the toe touches (inside ball of the big toe) the foot will pivot, the heel gets down and the front leg will straighten out. Causing a chain reaction that will fire the back knee and hips.

With a proper load of the upper half (shoulders, arms, hands and bat) this action by the lower half will create a stretch of both halves like a rubber band or slingshot before the hands and bat are fired. This is called torque, a very important part of driving the baseball.

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