Frontside Mechanics

I was watching MLB tonight on the MLB network and I heard Tom Verducci bring up a great point about the frontside and how some hitters mechanics create a “scissor” effect with the lower half. As many coaches know, one size doesn’t fit all. Type of hitter plays a big part into why this happens. Typically, a hitter who strides closed (lead foot/leg closer to the plate and/or goes the other way well) will have this reaction. (backfoot kicking out)This is something that happens and should not be taught.

Maintaining ground force is very important. To be very clear. Translation and rotation still happen.

The phrase, “Keep your frontside closed” many times is a trigger a coach might say to a hitter to “hold” his position longer and not open up too soon. Everything has balance in hitting. Too much or too little of anything isn’t good in hitting. Are there better words to use? Probably. But that depends on what triggers that hitter.

Some things happen organically and shouldn’t be forced or taught. Many terms in hitting are meant to trigger a feeling in a hitters mind and are not always literal.

Very good article. A little dated but still relevant.

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