Kinetic link

Ok, there are definitely far better hitters then I was and describing how someone hits depends on what technique or thought process they believe in. The kinetic link is essential to having a solid swing.

The technique of maintaining the kinetic link of the swing works this way.

The Kinetic link sequence starts from the ground up. Feet, ankles, legs,hips, torso, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and bat being last.

The hands follow torso and shoulder rotation pulling the knob of the bat towards the path of ball creating bat lag or momentum to optimize bat speed just before contact.

The front arm and the back elbow getting in the slot. This is something that shouldn’t be forced. This will happen with the proper load and upper half rotation. Loading the upper half is when the hands get back, the front arm establishes a connection with the frontside and the back arm establishes a connection with the back shoulder and scap. When rotating the shoulders and torso, the elbows stay equal distance apart traveling around the waist.

The back arm and hand are important for extension (staying on the baseball), force and driving the barrel to the ball. (not losing it).

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