Batting practice-Being Intentional

Batting practice-Being Intentional

“Some guys like it. Some guys don’t. Some guys get it, some guys won’t.”

It’s not about game speed or simulating a game like scenario- we can’t as much as we try. Even with a live (real) pitcher throwing batting practice.

Taking batting practice is about being “intentional”

It’s intentionally working on your timing. This has nothing to do with the speed of the pitch. It is the timing of when you get ready to hit. When you need to be ready to hit. It’s better to be early then late.

Be intentional. Don’t be late…don’t be late to be ready to hit. You would be surprised at how many guys are late to hit in batting practice😳

It’s intentionally trying to square the ball up every single time. Not sometimes. Not 3/4 times. Everytime.

It’s about intentionally looking to hit the ball hard where it’s pitched and if you can’t square it up or hit it hard you take it.

It’s being intentional about having an awareness of the strike zone, your strike zone and your hot/cold zones. That’s what you do damage with and what you don’t. (Some people may not know what hot and colds zones are…just saying)

It’s about being intentional about staying on the ball and not pulling off of it. It’s about finding that fine line of power and finesse. Not just donkey hacks.

It is a process of elimination, of body control and decision making. Where you hit a pitch well and where you don’t. How to turn it up while still under control or wait long enough to still do damage.

It’s all about intention. It’s how your mind wants to look at things. It can be a challenge you look to master and keep simple or a confusing mind game.

I never worried about how a rolled up ball of tin foil the size of a quarter that my brother Dave threw helped or hurt me in a game.

My intention was to hit it as hard as I could.

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